Enable Payments on WhatsApp for your chargers

For just ₹99 per charger per month, you can provide whatsapp charging to your customers
₹0 transaction fees
Supports UPI
Instant settle to your bank
Go live in 48 hours

Increase Utilization.
Retain 100% Margin.


Money from charging sessions directly hit your bank account

No hidden fees

Get rid of your payment processing fees or any extra commissions. Retain 100% margin

Increase App Downloads

Leverage technology to help drive more downloads of your app


See and track all your transactions in one single dashboard

UPI first

Leverage the free UPI network to retain 100% of your margin

Works on any phone

As long as the user has whatsapp, they can start charging

Be part of the most advanced charge point operators in India

Become India's leading charge point operator by making your chargers available to anyone with whatsapp
Instantly start charging at your chargers
Increase customer satisfaction
Cut down unwanted expenses like CMS cost
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DC001 chargers
558 chargers
EVIN Chargers
DC001 chargers
34 chargers
CCS2 and AC chargers
12 chargers
This could be you!
DC and AC chargers
10+ chargers

Need help?

Support Hotline

How do I enable whatsapp charging for my network?

You can click on the Sign Up button on top of this page to request access to the product. Once a request is received we setup a call with your team to figure out how to integrate with your charger CMS.

Do I need to have OCPI enabled to access Whatsapp based charging for my chargers?

No, our product has access to multiple charger management softwares that's available in the market today. We shall work directly with your tech team to onboard your chargers. If your CMS partner charges you extra for enabling access, then you can use our free OCPP CMS platform for your charger management needs.

Do I need to have Facebook business manager access to enable whatsapp based charging?

No, you don't need to. We take care of the heavy lifting here for you.

I have an existing whatsapp business manager, can I enable whatsapp based charging there?

Not at the moment, but we can build it as a custom solution for you if required.

What is the process of onboarding to whatsapp based charging system?

There are just three simple steps: Step 1: Sign up for the product by clicking the sign up button above, Step 2: Connect Pulse Energy to your CMS, and Step 3: Go live.

What does Pulse Energy do?

Pulse Energy is a platform that helps CPOs in India to increase their charger utilization and maximize their profit margins. We do this by simply integrating with your existing CMS and show you ways to improve both charger utilization (make more money) and increase your margins (reduce 3rd party commissions). Email hello@pulseenergy.io if you need access to our platform